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I am a huge fan of thriller novels and I have read all the Vince Flynn (and Kyle Mills) and Brad Thor novels several times. I have too many favorite authors to mention, but I will certainly name a few. Jonas Saul, Don Bentley, Chris Hauty, Simon Gervais, Michael Connelly, Brad Taylor and Brad Meltzer. The problem with lists, is that you always have to leave several dozen off , but hopefully you can get an idea.

I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy, from Piers Anthony to LE Modesitt Jr., Tad Williams and Robert A Heinlein. To a certain extent they have all influenced my writing and thoughts.

Winter 2018 I was recovering from shoulder surgery and I was reading a novel per day. I had made it half-way through one book and I had to put it down. "I could write a better novel than this one!" That was my motivation, and how I started writing. It took me eight months, but I finished my first book. I had started the follow-up to Serve in the Shadows, but no one wants to read a novel about a pandemic after 2020, so I shelved that project. 

Since November 2019, I have written six additional novels, and there are plans for several more in the works.

I have had several jobs throughout the years, including nearly 17 years in the military and over 34 years in martial arts as an instructor and student. I am married with one daughter and live near Toronto, Ontario Canada. 

I have struggled with thoughts of self-publishing versus traditional publishing. There are definite pros and cons to each. I look forward to making writing a full time career.


My unpublished novel, The Egyptian Enigma, was a finalist for the Claymore Award for Best Action Adventure, 2023. Thank you to Clay, the judges and volunteers for Killer Nashville. I had a great time!

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