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The Tipping Point
The Noah Hunter Series: Book 1

Arrow Point Police Sergeant, Noah Hunter, isn’t afraid to bend the rules to get results. But now he’s faced with a decision—he must choose between justice or retribution. 

 While investigating two brutal murders, Noah finds a note warning him to back off or face severe consequences. When he doesn’t heed the warning, someone close to him pays for that decision.

The investigation leads him to a Chicago crime family, so Noah brings the fight to them as he’s left with no other options.  


As Sergeant Hunter struggles to protect his friends, colleagues, and everyone else in Arrow Point, revenge is foremost in his mind. However, his actions create a ripple effect and Noah’s future is uncertain, especially when everything isn't as it seems.

Available through Amazon for eBook, paperback and soon through any vendor.


Grave Choices 
The Noah Hunter Series: Book 2

Noah Hunter faces the most dangerous investigation of his life as he tries to capture Arrow Point’s first serial killer.

Police sergeant Noah Hunter attends a colleague’s funeral and finds a body hidden in the small town’s cemetery. A killer buried the corpse underneath an open grave, hoping it would not be seen once the casket was lowered.

During the investigation, more bodies are discovered, and the community is devastated and in shock as he investigates Arrow Point’s first serial killer case.

Following leads, Noah interviews some of his closest friends at the police station, placing him in the murderer’s crosshairs as he draws closer. 

Unmasking a monster hiding in plain sight reveals even uglier truths waiting to be unearthed.

Some secrets should remain safely buried—forever.

Available through Amazon for eBook, paperback and soon through any vendor.

Course of Action 
The Noah Hunter Series: Book 3

Eighteen years after four-year-old Angela Taylor was kidnapped, Detective Noah Hunter receives information that the girl may be alive. The cold case is reopened, but someone would rather see the police detective dead than publicly reveal what happened all those years ago.

Dodging government agents and hired contractors, a small-town police officer pits himself against those responsible. But powerful people are interested in the outcome, controlling the narrative—something he could not imagine.

This time Noah will solve the case, no matter the cost.

Available through Amazon for eBook, paperback and soon through any vendor.
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Serve in the Shadows: Recruitment

While on deployment in Afghanistan, Master Sergeant Derek Lawson of the 75th Ranger Regiment received a warning, barely in time to avoid a bullet from a hidden sniper. After a confused and thankful Derek looked for the person, there was no one to be found. Back at base camp, the master sergeant received news that his brother, Grant Lawson, was killed. Grant, a CIA officer, was murdered while he gathered pertinent information for a critically sensitive mission that involved a former Afghanistan bomb-maker coerced out of retirement.

  After he arrived in Germany to collect his brother’s remains, Derek was shocked when Grant suddenly appeared, and they were able to see and communicate with each other from beyond death’s reach. Derek eventually accepted that he could see his dead brother’s ghost and that he hasn’t lost his mind. Grant did not have to work hard to convince Derek to help finish his last assignment and help bring his killer to justice.

  With Derek’s knowledge and abilities earned with the Rangers and Grant’s skills, he learned from the CIA - they make a formidable team. Together, the brothers will attempt to stop a terrorist plot and expose corruption within the CIA’s upper levels.

Grant’s death was not the end. It was just the beginning. 

Available through Amazon for eBook, paperback and soon through any vendor.


Grim Measures

A suspense crime thriller novella

Months after Ava was taken, the abductor offered John a chance to get his young daughter back, but he must follow instructions.

First, he must kill FBI Special Agent Robert Rothman, lead investigator on the case.

Without his little girl, nothing else matters. John Weland clings to hope as he prepares to darken his soul and commit murder.

Grim measures await.

Available for eBook only.



FBI Special Agent Bradley Holman has been hand-picked to investigate the mother of all cover-ups: a three-hundred-year-old meteorite fragment, sealed away in Fort Knox, was stolen from under the government’s nose. The more he digs, the more he becomes embroiled in a conspiracy kept secret by every president since the formation of the United States.

As Holman draws closer to finding the thief, it’s clear he’s out of his depth—both in terms of the powers at play and his understanding of the very fabric of the universe. Thrown into a race to save all life on Earth, Holman must unravel the mysteries of time itself—and not lose his mind in the process.

Available through Amazon for eBook, paperback and soon through any vendor.


From the #1 bestselling author of the Noah Hunter series, and Grim Measures, comes the sequel to Edge of Time. Where a former FBI agent and time traveler Brad Sheppard is once again thrust into the quantum realm so there will be a future worth returning to.

Former FBI agent and time traveler Brad Sheppard witnesses an impossible murder in the Late Middle Ages, but upon returning to the present, his family has vanished. History has been rewritten.

With nothing left to lose, Brad tears through the quantum realm and the centuries, desperate to restore his wife and daughter. But he must do so without obliterating two thousand years of history, as every tick of the clock threatens to alter reality.

However, in this race against time, change comes with a cost that may be too much for one man to bear.

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