What am I doing now? (with writing).

The 40 Day Challenge!


I've started the (self-imposed) challenge of writing 2500 words per day. Not too bad of a chore to be honest, but you have to do it seven days a week. After, you'll have a 100k word novel. Day One has begun! More SFF coming up. This novel is a follow-up from EDGE OF TIME, now safely in the hands of my agent.

As long as the ideas are there, I will continue to write! If you have any questions, please ask! I will do my best to answer. You can email me author.david.darling@gmail.com

Below is the synopsis for SPLITTING INFINITY, book two in The Kronos Stone Series.


by David Darling


After saving the world from a black hole, Brad Sheppard looked forward to retiring and living a peaceful life on his ranch with his family. He had five years without an incident or cause to use the meteorite to travel through time, but all that changed the day following his daughters’ birthday when the envelope arrived.


The anonymous letter mentioned December 1st, 1494, in Ireland and that peculiar things were afoot. The signature wasn’t legible. Curious, Brad travels to the 15th century to investigate. After arriving, he finds the residents of Dublin in an uproar over the death of Edward Poyning, a Lord of Henry VII of England, and a violent revolution underway. Sir Poyning was shot with a long-range sniper rifle, which didn’t exist for several more centuries. Brad tried but could not capture the assassin. After returning to the present, his wife and daughter were wiped from the timeline. Virginia and Olivia Sheppard had never existed. The only proof was his memories.


The past has changed, and Brad will tear the quantum realm apart and risk billions of lives to restore the proper timeline. Without his wife and daughter, Brad Sheppard had nothing to lose. However, he must be careful not to destroy two thousand years of human history in the process.