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Book Review: Savage Road

My Review of Savage Road, by Chris Hauty

A huge thank you to Chris Hauty, Emily Bestler Books, and David Brown for the advanced readers’ copy of Savage Road. It’s released on January 5, 2021.

Deep State was Chris Hauty’s first novel, and it introduced Hayley Chill as the main character. She can kick in doors when required and effortlessly take her place beside the thriller genre’s alpha-male characters. Deep State was easily one of my favorite novels of 2020, and the sequel, Savage Road, dwarfed it. Not an easy task.

Now comes the hard part. Not releasing any spoilers!

First, Savage Road isn’t meant to be read as a stand-alone novel. You will need to read Deep State to understand the background and to set the scene.

Hayley Chill will endear you to her within a few minutes. As the tension and issues arise, you will be captivated by her actions and frustrated at the obstacles before her. Chris has an ability (of which I am envious!) of creating characters that leap off the page with just a few words and setting the scene that pulls a reader into the story. I can easily picture both of Chris’s novels as a movie. With his background as a scriptwriter, I expect him to be involved in making that transition from the story to the big screen.

At times, my adrenaline went into overdrive, and the pages blurred as I stayed up late to finish a chapter(s). Deep State was a novel filled with plot twists and double plot twists, and don’t worry; Savage Road takes you on the same journey, so buckle in for the ride. However, do not waste your time trying to analyze every detail as you read, and attempt to ‘guess’ where the story will go. You will be wrong. Enjoy the book for what it is: a fantastic story that will take you on a political thriller ride.

Without hesitation, I recommend Savage Road, and I have no doubt it will be a huge success. It isn’t too late to read Deep State and prepare for Savage Road’s release on January 5, 2021.

On a personal note, I would like to thank Chris. He has always taken time to answer questions and offer advice to (not just myself) but countless others, and it is appreciated. Stay tuned for my next article, where I have asked Chris and other authors for advice for new or aspiring writers.

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