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Resolutions for Writers

Writing Resolutions for the New Year

It starts with something straightforward.

A Dream.

The dream may be to write a novel. Then the excuses start coming in. “I have no idea how.” “I don’t have time!” I have heard many such excuses over the years. If you don’t know how to start, begin with research. There are thousands of websites with information and multiple ways of laying out the ‘bare bones’ for a novel.


Set a goal. This week I am going to write for thirty minutes. Maybe you only can get down a few hundred words. But that is okay! If you can only write 200 words a week, you could have a chapter done in six weeks. Awesome!

A Plan

If you plan to write a novel in 2021, break it down into manageable segments. 90,000-word novel seems daunting, but if you look at just 7,500 words per month, it isn’t too bad. That is 1,875 words per week or 268 words per day.

The Follow-Through

You have your dream and a plan. The only part left is to implement your actions and follow-through. Most experts recommend setting new patterns (dietary to habitual); it takes a minimum of ten weeks. When I wanted to become serious about writing, I changed my alarm and woke earlier each day. Just 60 minutes made a difference and gave me time to write while the house was quiet and before everyone else awoke.


Share your desires and goals with someone. Get a critique partner that can look over your work and give you suggestions. It could be a spouse, friend, or even a member of a Writer’s Group on Facebook. Remember: you can always fix what you have written and make it better. However, if you don’t write anything, there is nothing to fix. You can’t improve a blank page.

All the best with your writing endeavors, and if you have any questions, drop a comment down below or write to me through the website. Next month I will be posting writing advice from established authors! Now that you have a plan, tips, and tricks of the trade will be essential.

David Darling

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